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Why do the Bentwood Rings cost so much more?

Bentwood rings

Bentwood rings are rings made out of a thin strip of wood. This wood first needs to be soaked in water to be made pliable. When it’s pliable I need to form it around a circular object and let it dry for 24 hours.

After these 24 hours I can start working the wood to form it into a ring. When it’s formed it still needs to be sanded. To give the ring a waterproof seal there are several layers of CA-glue that need to be applied, all these layers need to dry between each application. When dried the rings needs to be sanded and buffed to a high shiny gloss with 7 different grits of sandpaper and a polishing compound. If there is an inlay to be done, I still need to carve a channel and put in the inlay before I put on the layers of CA-glue. You can go on my YouTube channel to see the process of making bentwood rings. 

It took me month to develop this skill and it is no easy task. it is meticulous and precise work. I have to make sure to get the ring size right, the thickness of the ring, and also the width of the ring. All of this takes time, patience, skill, and complete focus.

Severely allergic to wood

It has recently come to my attention that I am severely allergic to wood and wood dust. If I am not extremely careful at all times while making these beautiful bentwood rings I get blisters on my hands. These blisters are extremely painful and take a long time to heal. So if/when I am making these rings for you I am taking a risk of getting a severe allergic reaction (contact dermatitis). 


So my prices on the bentwood rings are based of the work that goes into it and the risk that I’m taking when making them.


Thank You For Supporting My Small Business! 

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