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Free Worldwide Shipping on orders over US$300 – International shipments generally take 7-21 days to arrive.
INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Please be aware that your country may have additional VAT, Import, and Custom’s fees. I have no control over these fees and don’t have info on how fees work in different countries.



When your are buying from me in person at the Tamarijn or during a meet up cash is, of course, always preferred. It’s also possible to pay with your credit card.


When you have placed your order you will be taken to a page where you can make your payment with your Credit Card.

If this for some reason does not work, please contact me so I can make you a payment link to pay your order.

If it is not paid or you have not contacted me in 3 days of placing your order I will cancel your order. I will only start processing your order once I have received full payment.


Pa local tin e option di tranfer e placa di e order. Por fabor pone e number di bo order den e “description”

$1 = awg 1.79

Mane mi ricibi e placa riba mi account mi ta pone bo order den mi schedule. Si mi no ricibi e placa di e order den 2 dia, mi ta cancela e order.

For locals there is the option to transfer the amount of your order. Please fill in your order number in the description.

$1 = awg 1.79

As soon as I have received the amount of your order on my bank account I will schedule in your order. If I have not received your payment within 2 days of you placing your order, I will cancel your order. 

Aruba Bank

Simply Ringz Jewelry

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Thank You For Supporting My Small Business! 

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