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Memorial Pieces

Do you want me to create a Memorial piece of a loved one that has passed away? This can, of course, also be a pet. 

I can incorporate cremation ashes in my pieces. I can mix the ashes with Aruba sand or just use the ashes to create the memorial pieces. 

The amount you need to bring/send me is about 1 teaspoon full. I can mix this with sand or use only the ashes as inlay. This is completely up to you. 

I can make rings, earrings, bracelets, anything I have with the sand/ashes mixture that you wish. There is no extra cost for doing this. You just pay the price of the piece that you want.

Anything I don’t use I will always return to you. 

**Please double bag the ashes and put in a sticker or a piece of paper with your name on it. 

Kwihi Wood sand, Sparkles, (ashese)..
Aruba Beach opal 2.0, Aruba Ocean opal 2.0 (Ashes)
Spinner, Aruba Shoreline (ashes
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