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Here at Simply Ringz I use different material as inlay for my jewelry.

Most (if not all) are native to Aruba. The material I use the most is Aruba sand. No, I am not allowed to take sand from the beach, and I don’t, no worries. I bought a yard of sand from the government, and the government does take it from the beach. The sand I use is thus legally obtained, authentic Aruba sand.

I also use Aruba Quartz in my pieces. For this I go up Seroe Crystal, and I dig out the quartz. I then clean them, crush them manually, and mix the crushed stone with colored pigment. This is how I create the beautiful blue ocean colors, and the beautiful orange sunset colors we all love so much.

The black color is obtained by using Granite, which is also native to Aruba. This is also found on Seroe Crystal and undergoes the same process as the Quartz. The difference is that I mix it with black pigment to darken the color. 

The wood I use comes from the Kwihi Tree. After trimming the trees on my mom’s property i make sure I slice the wood in very thin pieces, soak them in water to make them pliable so I can afterwards use them as inlay for my rings.


I also make memorial pieces using the cremation ashes you provide me with. These can either be from a loved one or from a loved pet. Please contact me for more information about this or check out the FAQ page.


Thank You For Supporting My Small Business! 

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