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Ring care

All Simply Ringz products are thoroughly checked before shipping. Upon receipt of your order, immediately check the products for defects. Should you nevertheless discover a defect, appropriate service will be provided. Please contact us within 24 hours of receipt via Make sure that the product is unused and in new condition except for the defect. Check out the Privacy, Terms, And Conditions page.

Simply Ringz does NOT give warranty on:

  • wear on jewelry
  • broken or damaged jewelry due to negligence

Simply Ringz products are made of stainless steel, and tungsten carbide. The inlay channels of the rings are filled with different inlay materials. All of this is sealed with a high-grade cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesive, and/or UV-resin (Alumilite). The seal is meant to protect the inlay for a lifetime.

Below are a few tips specific to Ring and jewelry care:


  • Your ring is waterproof as long as the finish is maintained. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you remove your ring prior to any prolonged water exposure, such as swimming, showering, washing the dishes, etc. 
  • Avoid exposing your ring to harsh chemicals and solvents, such as antibacterial wipes, soaps, sprays, cleaners, perfumes, mosquito repellents, sunscreens, hair products or products containing isopropyl alcohol. Hand sanitizer should not be used while wearing your ring, as it contains solvents that will eat away at the finish. Also take your ring off when getting your nails done as the acetone will eat away at the finish.
  • Abrasives, such as sandpaper should also be avoided. Always remove your ring prior to operating heavy machinery, lifting weights, or anything else that might put excessive force on the ring. Any activities that could potentially damage the protective finish, such as weight lifting or rock climbing, should be done without the ring on your finger (this is true for all types of rings). Remember that if the ring comes into contact with any surface or object that is harder than the ring, it will always cause some scratches or damage.
  • Do not wear your ring in rubber gloves or in conditions where it is subjected to constant moisture.
  • The finish protects your ring from ultraviolet light and rapid changes in temperature. This being said, don’t leave your ring on a car dash or windowsill or anywhere it will be subject to temperature extremes.
  • The rarely used jewelry should be stored in a dark place with limited oxygen access eg in a clean cloth bag.
  • The rings can be cleaned with mild soap and a soft brush/cloth.
  • If you notice the metal band of your ring dull over time, you can apply a jewelry polishing wipe to your ring. But only on the metal!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have more questions.

Custom made items or jewelry that has been modified on special request CANNOT be returned.

Thank You For Supporting My Small Business! 

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